West Fraser Report for 2011

Planer operated @ 1,000 hours less in 2010 compared to 2009. The planer and sawmill production are now in balance.

Sawmill operated 120 hours more in 2010, as we took no market related downtime.

Continued to consolidate the log inventory closer to the mill. This resulted in reduced dust. We no longer store any logs in remote yards. As well, this change has also reduced a significant safety hazard, as we no longer have to move heavy equipment across major roads.

Continue to reduce dust emissions in our screens room, at the sawmill, by enclosing our conveyors at drop points and increasing the misting program.

Late in 2010 we acquired a second bag house and are currently under taking studies to determine where it will most effectively be utilized in the sawmill.

Yard paving was postponed in 2010, however, we plan to proceed this summer.