Tolko (Revised April 2012)

Quesnel Air Quality Roundtable

Tolko Reporting Template


1. What have you done in the last 12 months?

  • Dust suppression used on all paved and unpaved roads and the log yard. Water truck used regularly. (5.2.3)
  • Winter road traction material removed in spring with street sweeper. (5.2.3)
  • 3 chip Cyclones re-lined (5.2.2)
  • Gone from 70% rail use to 90% rail use. Decreases truck traffic through Quesnel.

2. What are you planning to do in the next 12 months?

  • Overhaul of Sawmill chip handling system. Will be removing 2 blowers and 2 cyclones. Installing a chip belt to convey chips to  our chip bin.
  • Install a new cyclone on Planer Shavings system (Mid July 2012) (5.2.2)

3. What are your long term plans for meeting the 2016 Goals?

  • Overhaul of chip handling system
  • Maintaining dust suppression on all paved and unpaved roads
  • Maintain high % of rail use to minimize amount of trucks being used. Decreases truck traffic travelling through Quesnel

Overall self Assessment of your progress for this year – High, Medium or Low Success