Quesnel Plywood Air Quality Report June 2012

Quesnel Plywood
Report to Air Quality Roundtable
June 2012


1. What have you done in the last 12 months?

a. Recommendation 5.2.3

Quesnel Plywood continues to sweep all paved surfaces in their operating yards through the spring, summer and fall. Quesnel Plywood also utilizes dust suppressants on roadways and parking areas. We use water during the summer months ( daily ) in the log yard as a dust suppressant.

b. Recommendation 5.2.4

Quesnel Plywood does not open burn any material.

c. Recommendation 5.2.2

Quesnel Plywood continues to meet all regulatory and permitted obligations. Quarterly stack testing for power boiler has taken place and all have been in compliance. Annual stack testing for veneer dryers has taken place and is in compliance with regulations.

d. Quesnel Plywood has continues with a no idling program on mobile equipment and is currently turning over small forklift fleet from 6 cylinder machines to 4 cylinder machine resulting in a 40% decrease in propane consumption. 5 of 12 changed out thus far.

2. What are you planning to do in the next 12 months?

a.  To continue the above recommendations and look for other opportunities to reduce impact on the air shed.

3. What are your long term plans for meeting the 2016 Goals?

a. Look into possible capital improvements that will positively affect the airshed. Continue to improve upon existing strategies to minimize impact on the airshed.

Overall self Assessment of your progress for this year – Medium Success

Some dust issues from log yard.