MOT 2012

What have you done in the last 12 months?

 Tracking

Ministry of Transportation has a permitting process for private and industrial accesses. In the permit, the user is required to use clean granular material on the approaches to reduce tracking.

(Recommendation number 5.2.2)

 Base Stabilization

Asphalt Millings were placed on Quesnel Hydraulic Road, which has extended the hard surfacing on this road by 2.2km.

 Sweeping

The maintenance contractor HMC has done many sweepings, as well as isolated sweepings in heavy traffic areas. The Contractor has been using water trucks to wet the surface prior to sweeping to help reduce the dust particles.

HMC has improved the timing for seasonal maintenance program to allow for early spring sweepings. They also have the ability to apply chemical dust suppressants prior to sweeping allowing sweeping to take place near freezing temperatures.

(Recommendation 5.2.3)

 Liquid de-icers.

HMC Services Inc. focused on anti-icing the arterial through Quesnel, and the steeper grades coming into town. The contractor has a weather system which gives them updates on a regular bases. This is used for applying anti-icing prior to a storm. This was very successful this past winter. This has greatly reduced the sand distribution through Quesnel and area.

HMC has increased their production and storage capacity for brine and added and additional brine spraying unit to the fleet of equipment.

This will help reduce the application of winter sand with-in the Quesnel air shed.

(Recommendation 5.2.3)

 Stabilization on gravel surface.

The increase in logging activity, driven by the pine beetle kill is a large contributor to distribution of dust particles on the streets and highways. Our Ministry, increased dust stabilization on the main routes coming into Quesnel. This has greatly reduced air borne dust particles in the outlying areas, and dust tracking into the downtown area.

(Recommendation 5.2.3)

 Fleet Vehicles

The Ministry of Transportation uses hybrid vehicles to reduce emissions, and we carpool as much as possible. Additionally, Ministry wide we track our travel to maintain accurate levels of carbon emissions.

What are you planning in the next 12 months?

 The Ministry of Transportation in Quesnel will continue with the above noted actions.

What are your long term plans for meeting the 2016 Goals?

 The Ministry of Transportation in Quesnel will continue to develop and work towards the above noted goals