HMC Services 2012

  • HMC planned early sweeping to reduce dust in the bowl area – HMC pre-cleans sand prior to sweeping to reduce dust in the bowl area
  • When temperatures permit, we have and will continue to use Salt Brine for winter maintenance to reduce the amount of sand usage – We have increased Salt Brine usage over the past three years
  • Small plow and sand trucks have been added to our fleet, this reduces emissions compared to our larger trucks – These trucks are rated at Tier 3 Emission levels which exceed the standards for current emission levels
  • We switched our gas operated vehicles over to Ethanol based fuel last year
  • We have a “No Idling” policy in place and our big trucks are programmed with ten minute automatic shutdowns to reduce fuel use
  • HMCs Mechanical Superintendent is an active member of the Government sponsored Fleet Smart Program – This programs’ primary focus is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions
  • We have five new plow trucks and all are equipped with Tier 3 Engines to reduce exhaust emissions
  • HMC had replaced three older graders with three new Cat graders which also have the lower emission engines
  • HMC has purchased a Hybrid vehicle in an ongoing effort to reduce emissions from our fleet
  • HMC has purchased a new loader this past winter that also has a reduced emissions engine

Mike Hopkins

Operations Manager